Equal Marriage by Diocese

Updated as of January 1st, 2023

This map details the stance of each diocese in the Anglican Church of Canada on Equal Marriage. 

The areas in "grey" represent the dioceses who will be maintaining the "traditional view of marriage as between a man and a woman".

The areas in "white" represent the dioceses who are in a consultative process with the bishop and diocesan synod.

The areas in "rainbow" are the ones that affirm equal marriage within the diocese.

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Diocese of Algoma
Archbishop: Anne Germond
Diocese of the Arctic
Bishop: David Parsons
Diocese of Athabasca
Bishop: David Greenwood


A statement has been released to a select group of people by the newly-elected bishop.

Diocese of Brandon
Bishop: William Cliff
Diocese of British Columbia
Bishop: Anna Greenwood-Lee
Diocese of Caledonia
Bishop: David Lehmann
Diocese of Calgary
Archbishop: Gregory Kerr-Wilson
Diocese of Central Newfoundland
Bishop: John Watton
Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
Bishop: Sam Rose
Diocese of Edmonton
Bishop: Stephen London
Diocese of Fredericton
Archbishop: David Edwards
Diocese of Huron
Bishop: Todd Townshend
Diocese of Kootenay
Bishop: Lynne McNaughton
Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh
Bishop: Lydia Mamakwa

No known statement.

Diocese of Montreal
Bishop: Mary Irwin-Gibson
Diocese of Moosonee
Archbishop: Anne Germond
Diocese of New Westminster
Bishop: John Stephens
Diocese of Niagara
Bishop: Susan Bell
Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island
Bishop: Sandra Fyfe
Diocese of Ontario
Bishop: Michael Oulton
Diocese of Ottawa
Bishop: Shane Parker
Diocese of Qu'Appelle
Bishop-Elect: Helen Kennedy
Diocese of Quebec
Bishop: Bruce Myers


November 21-24, 2019

Motion: that the Synod of the Diocese of Quebec, meeting in Quebec City from November 21 to November 24, 2019, request that the Bishop of Quebec authorize the solemnization of the marriage of same-sex couples in the Diocese of Quebec.

Vote results: 37 in favour / 6 opposed

Diocese of Rupert's Land
Bishop: Geoffrey Woodcroft
Diocese of Saskatchewan
Bishop: Michael Hawkins

No known statement.

Diocese of Saskatoon
Bishop: Chris Harper
Territory of the People
No Current Bishop
Diocese of Toronto
Bishop: Andrew Asbil
Diocese of Western Newfoundland
Bishop: John Organ
Diocese of Yukon
Bishop: Lesley Wheeler-Dame


A new bishop has been elected, and there has been no statement released from the new bishop.

Anglican Military Ordinariate
Bishop: Nigel Shaw